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December 2015

Editorial objective:1- give diverse jobseekers sound information on job opportunities and how to successfully navigate the job search process,2- invite “employers of choice” to share success secrets and valuable information on where the jobs are.

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24 Diversity Employers | DiversityEmployers.com | December 2015 ne of the most popular topics on social media is "what ever happened to…" Many baby boom- ers spend hours reminiscing with total strangers about everything from their favorite childhood toys to department stores that aren't around anymore. Be- cause my name is nearly synonymous with THE BLACK COLLEGIAN, I am often asked, "what ever happened to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine and/or Diversity Employers?" As I be- gan to jot down my memories for this article, I realized, with a smile, that the magazine has experienced numerous, and seemingly insurmountable, chal- lenges over the years. Challenges that many larger companies did not survive. And yet, this little mom-and-pop orga- nization survived, thrived, and endures to this day. Allow me to explain further for those who are not familiar with the whole story. IN THE BEGINNING Launched in 1970, THE BLACK COLLEGIAN Magazine was distributed on a controlled-request basis (free of charge) through the career services of- fce on college campuses. Although we struggled for eight years, by 1978 the magazine found its niche and fnally began showing a proft. We survived by selling recruitment advertising. We were doing very well; that is until the recession of 1993. Up until that time, major companies like IBM, Procter & Gamble and Exxon marketed their workforces as "family." Well, once "can't lay off " hundreds upon thousands of family members, so they cleverly coined the phrase "downsizing." As the econ- omy plummeted, downsizing spread like wild fre, and we too were forced to downsize members of the BLACK COLLEGEIAN family. AND WE'RE OFF! Each year around January, I received an invitation to participate in the Stan- ford University Professional Publishing Course. Although I had never partici- pated before, because of the cost, and the fact that it would take me from the offce for two weeks. When I received the invitation that year, I could not wait to sign up. I realized that I needed the information and guidance that I would get at Stanford University if we were to survive the recession. They asked me if I wanted to apply for a scholar- ship, and that would help, but I was so anxious to get into the cource I sent my check right away to guarantee my seat. O Magazine What Happened to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN/ DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine What Happened to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN/ DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine What Happened to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN/ DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine What Happened to THE BLACK COLLEGIAN/ DIVERSITY EMPLOYERS Magazine Our First Issue Broad St. with Edwards Printing - 1980 By Preston Edwards, Sr. as told to Kathy Taylor Our First Ofce

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