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December 2015

Editorial objective:1- give diverse jobseekers sound information on job opportunities and how to successfully navigate the job search process,2- invite “employers of choice” to share success secrets and valuable information on where the jobs are.

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26 Diversity Employers | DiversityEmployers.com | December 2015 to invest $10 million for a second round of fnancing to take us to the IPO. 911 HAPPENED Just when things were going so well, 911 happened, then another recession hit the economy. As if that weren't enough, it was around this time that a stock market analyst on Wall Street questioned why Amazon.com was val- ued so high when they had never made a proft. The CEO of Amazon's response was that he knew it would be two more years before they would turn a proft. That comment ignited the crash of the Dot-com companies. The Dot-com crash caused our po- tential venture capitalist to withdraw his $10 million offer. The original venture capitalist offered us a bridge loan to sustain us until we could raise money from another venture capitalist. They offered me $500,000 in exchange for an additional 25% of our com- pany. When I turned down his offer, he warned that if we did not accept his terms, we would run out of money. I countered that I would run out of people before I ran out of money. THE BEGINNING OF THE END The crash opened the door that ulti- mately led to the beginning of the end. The venture capitalist had required that we, in anticipation of the IPO, agree to hire seasoned executives, including a chief executive offcer, a chief technical offcer, an experienced sales manager, a chief fnancial offcer, a human resourc- es manager, and an expensive executive search frm. One thing the venture capitalist was on point about was that we were running out of money. Fast. Left with no other choice, I decided to downsize AN THEN, SOMETHING ELSE HAPPENED With all of this going on, I was diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary, at the 3B level. I was told that I had a 40% chance of surviving for one year, and a 10% chance of surviving two years. We were devastated. My daughter in law Trina had been a registered nurse and she referred me to an oncologist she knew to give me for a second opin- ion. He said that only God knows who is going to die. He referred us to MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston TX. There we saw Dr. Jinsoo Lee who gave me a thorough examination. My wife, Rosa, ask Dr. Lee what was the probability of remission? He said Zero. He prescribed chemotherapy and 34 days of radiation. We prayed, prayed, prayed and I had a miracle because on June 15, Dr. Vargas, told us that my can- cer was in remission. Thank God. THERE'S THAT WORD, "DOWNSIZING" AGAIN! I also re-negotiated our rent with the building's landlord. I told him that as Just when things were going so well, 911 happened I would run out of people before I ran out of money. I was diagnosed with Cancer of Unknown Primary, at the 3B level. 909 Poydras St. - 2000

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